[FREE Masterclass] Top strategies to reduce your commercial real estate costs

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Masterclass: Strategies to reduce your commercial real estate costs

In this unique virtual masterclass, we’ll show you why it's a great time to be a tenant — and an even better time to explore potential savings scenarios.

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Learn how to identify savings opportunities and strategically negotiate agreements from lease negotiation experts Hannah Feltham, Matthew Pollak, Jonathan Isaacs.

Designed specifically for finance teams, you’ll learn:

  • Lease negotiation 101
  • Space efficiencies: the benefits of workplace planning and savings opportunities  
  • Blend and extend: strategic approaches to mid-term lease restructuring
  • Options vs renewal negotiations: the case against exercising an option and how to approach negotiations
  • Lease consolidation: strategies for portfolios where Jonathan Isaacs, Clemenger Group’s ex-CFO, will share his own experience

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Market analysis

40+ points of negotiation

Stay vs. go process

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