Commercial tenant representation services

Commercial leasing
experts who work for you
(not the landlord).

Commercial real estate experts who work for you (not the landlord).

Is your business thinking about relocating, downsizing, expanding, renewing a lease or re-assessing its real estate portfolio?

We'll use our market knowledge and data insights to formulate your real estate strategy and negotiate on your behalf so you secure:

the best-fit premises

on tenant-centric lease terms

at the highest savings

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Let's level the playing field.

Commercial leasing agents represent the landlord's interests, not yours.

They'll usually only show you the properties in their portfolio and fight to get the best deal for the owner, not the tenant.

That's why many businesses get stuck in a property that's not the best fit, bound by an unfavourable lease, paying above market rates.It's time to level the playing field.

Get an independent commercial real estate expert (a.k.a a tenant rep) in your corner.

From our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore Tenant CS handles tenant representation projects for clients in all major cities and regional areas across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Our results in numbers.



On average we improve tenant savings by 180% compared to tenants who negotate themselves.


Total savings

We saved our last 20 clients an average of $197,000 per year over their lease term.


Negotiation points

There are over 50 points that we negotiate on to protect your interests and improve your bottom line.


Happy clients

In 2023, we helped over 150 clients negotiate tenant-centric terms and secure savings.

The commercial real estate industry is broken.

We're here to fix it and rebalance the scales for commercial tenants.
Here's how we do it:


We strategise with you.

Getting an understanding of the space you need

To ensure your physical environment aligns with your business's culture and work style.

Considering your objectives and financial goals

In order to understand your drivers and priorities.

Working with you to identify your ideal lease terms

To ensure your final contract is competitive, meets your needs, and is flexible.

Image of one commercial tenant representation specialist on a chair looking at the camera in conversation

We conduct a full market search

Getting a list of every suitable option on the market

Including properties off-market properties and subleases.

Vetting properties into a qualified shortlist

So your time isn't eaten up inspecting unsuitable premises.

Setting up inspections and attending them with you

So we can ask the hard questions and protect your leverage in negotiations.

Image of two commercial tenant representation specialists on laptop searching for market options

We negotiate on your behalf.

Documenting key terms and conditions

Prior to lease finalisation, we'll negotiate a HoA that'll summarise key details, prevent errors and save time.

Creating and protecting your leverage

As tenant reps, we play the bad cop and secure you the best deal so you can maintain the relationship with your landlord.

Working with you to identify your ideal lease terms

We'll negotiate favourable terms, and assist with solicitors and lease execution.

Three commercial tenant representation advisors in casual seating area discussing commercial negotiations

You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer. So, don't negotiate a commercial lease without a tenant rep.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying.

Testimonial Image of person helping another person get up a mountain illustrating the help of tenant rep and also the help of Beyond Blue's services

"Next time you’re at the MCG, in front of a full stadium, have a look at 1/4 of the stands… 25,500 people… that’s how many additional phone calls - calls for help - we can answer because of the real estate savings Tenant CS has made for us."

Beyond Blue

Testimonial Image - Someone paying with their credit card online illustrating Zip Money Pay a client of Tenant CS

"Professional, efficient, and tenacious, Tenant CS negotiated a great outcome for us – securing outstanding terms at our new premises while reducing our makegood liability at our previous space. I am incredibly appreciative of their counsel and support throughout this entire process. Highly recommended."

Chris Patrick

Chief Operating Officer - Zip Co
Testimonial Image of orange toolbox representative of weidmuller

"The team went above and beyond to protect our interests, fighting in our corner and securing a fantastic outcome. We are incredibly grateful to have had them by our side every step of the way and couldn't be happier with the result. Thank you!"

Andrew Simic

Business Controller - Weidmuller

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