With a real estate career spanning nearly 30 years, Tim is an expert in ...

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Tim Green

Managing Director

Wallace has nearly 25 years of experience in the sales and leasing of real estate ...

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Wallace Yeo

Principal Realtor | KEO

Sophia started at Tenant CS as a Research Analyst in 2017 in Singapore. Sophia has a high attention to detail…

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Sophia Bockisch

Senior Consultant

Maxwell began working for Tenant CS in 2016. He brings over ...

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Maxwell Vaughan


Matthew Pollak is currently working as Associate Director and responsible for building up the Melbourne office...

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Matthew Pollak


Sophie Amerena


Jared Kroeger is a highly competent corporate real estate professional with experience assisting commercial and industrial tenants manage their complex…

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Jared Kroeger


Melanie joined Tenant CS in July 2020 in the role of Team Assistant within the Sydney office.

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Melanie Yuen


The latest addition to the team, Fadheela, brings years of experience in accounting and customer service, and a hunger to…

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Fadheela Zulfi

Tenant Advisory Manager

Timothy Battut joined Tenant CS Australia in 2018 in order to support the tenant representation Sydney team...

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Timothy Battut

Key Account Director

Recently appointed as Associate VP, Patrick has a demonstrated history of providing client solutions, business advisories and strategic consultations.

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Patrick Loh

Associate Vice President

Now working as a Consultant in Sydney, Hannah began her property career...

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Hannah Feltham


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