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September 7, 2021
Australian CBD Office Leasing Markets Snapshot
Take a look at our latest snapshot of the CBD office leasing markets across Australia including our rent, incentive and vacancy forecasts for Q4 2021.
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July 21, 2021
A Focus On Sydney's Upcoming Commercial Stock
Here’s what’s on the cards in terms of new refurbishments and stock in the Sydney CBD.
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July 7, 2021
'Face' And 'Effective' Market Rent Reviews: What's The Difference? (+ VIDEO)
Commercial tenants need to make sure that proposed commercial rent reviews are fair. Learn the difference between face & effective rent reviews
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June 30, 2021
The Ultimate Guide To Commercial Lease Incentives, For Tenants
Commercial lease incentives, like rent-free periods, rent abatements and fit-out contributions are a key in the real estate negotiation journey
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June 10, 2021
Five Tips To Help You Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio
Here are 5 tips to minimise your risks, reduce costs and help realign your commercial real estate portfolio with your business requirements and objectives.
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May 21, 2021
Interview with Sophia Bockisch: WTR Network
Women in Tenant Representation Network committee member, Sophia Bockisch, talks to us about tenant advisory, why she joined the network and more...
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May 19, 2021
How Much Rent Should You Pay for Your Office Space?
As a tenant, it’s natural to wonder about the cost of office space and if you’re paying too much rent...
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April 21, 2021
Have An Upcoming Commercial Lease Expiry? Here's What To Do Next
A commercial lease expiry is one of those things that can creep up on you and can be costly without the right preparation and advice
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April 16, 2021
How Much Does It Cost To Move An Office?
Here's why it's worth asking ‘how much does it cost to move an office?’ before you relocate. It’s not just the new rental rate that you need to consider...
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