Renew vs. Relocate

Your future workspace is a crucial ingredient in your business's culture, and hence productivity. So, if your lease is expiring, do you reformat your current space or start afresh somewhere new?

Both options have inherent risks but bring limitless opportunities.

Relocation, for instance, can mean no business downtime and may allow you to foster a new culture or introduce a different style of working. Here, where we hit our stride is by helping you reap the benefits of a softer market (e.g. lower rents or higher incentives) or find savings without reducing headcount (leveraging the WFH norm).

On the other hand, staying put can save capital in terms of fit-out costs. It may also mean you're not inconveniencing staff and customers with a change of address and that you don't have to work with a new landlord (better the devil, you know).

To determine the best solution for your business, you need to consider a range of factors. And that's what we do in the first stage of all our projects. Depending on your circumstances, we'll help you decide whether to:

Even if you know that you want to renew or relocate, we still recommend the 'Stay or Go' project strategy to create the greatest leverage. While it means extra work for us, the savings results make it worthwhile!

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Learn about how we’ve helped our clients assess whether it's better to renew or relocate.

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'Significant savings across our portfolio'

Thanks to Tenant CS’ professional approach, we never missed a rent review, lease expiry date or market opportunity. Better yet, we were able to generate significant savings across our portfolio.

David Maclaughlin
Chief Financial Officer, Schindler Lifts

'Excellent job with entrepreneurial flair'

The level of service delivered was excellent and beyond what we expected. The team did an excellent job, running the project professionally and with entrepreneurial flair.

Amir Marashian
Country Manager, Schaeffler
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