Breaking A Commercial Lease

It doesn't matter how good your relationship is with your landlord; if you plan to break your commercial lease, it can be as messy as a divorce. The reasons for breaking an office, retail or industrial lease are many and varied. But, usually, it's due to size or budget.

Whatever your motives, the success of your lease exit strategy depends on market conditions and the terms of your lease. Should things not go to plan, landlords are entitled to their quantified losses. And this can get very expensive!

Luckily, when it comes to creating and executing a lease exit strategy, especially post-COVID, Tenant CS are highly experienced. Depending on your circumstance, we can:

When it comes to breaking a commercial lease, Tenant CS knows what to negotiate and how to mitigate your risks and losses. So, get in touch with a member of our team today!

'Substantial savings'

Tenant CS generated some substantial savings for our business. They communicated regularly with us, were very accommodating to our needs and were highly professional in their approach.

Rachael Lamont
Facilities Manager, Pernod Richard

'Excellent job with entrepreneurial flair'

The level of service delivered was excellent and beyond what we expected. The team did an excellent job, running the project professionally and with entrepreneurial flair.

Amir Marashian
Country Manager, Schaeffler

'We saved on rental as well as time'

Thanks to Tenant CS, we managed to save on rental as well as time. We have no hesitation recommending Tenant CS and will certainly use their services again.

Shreemati Varadarajan
Vice President, Globaleye

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