Timothy Battut

Business Development Manager

About Timothy Battut

Timothy Battut joined Tenant CS in 2018 in Australia in order to support the Sydney team. After one year he moved to Singapore, where he now works for the team as a Business Development Manager.

Despite his young age, Timothy is well travelled and has lived in many different countries, including Singapore, France, Russia, Brazil, The United States of America and Canada (just to name a few!).

Living abroad has pushed Timothy out of his comfort zone and has helped him become more open-minded – it built his character, broadened his perspective, heightened his appreciation for diversity and gave him an unparalleled understanding of the world around him.

As a result of his worldly experiences, Timothy can adapt to many different environments and situations, both personally and professionally. He is regarded as being a proactive, ambitious and innovative young man who is always looking for a new challenge.

Timothy has a Double Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Groupe ESC Clermont (France), one year of which he spent in Indonesia. He can also speak three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Greatest Inspiration

“Constantly changing and performing in different environments, and being a world citizen.”

Favourite Quote:

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Chris Grosser

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