Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

A great commercial real estate portfolio, whether leased, owned or a combination of the two, accelerates business growth. However, portfolio management is anything but simple. With a mixture of critical dates, projects, documents and key data to track, every step becomes crucial.

At Tenant CS, we know that most real estate portfolios are full of opportunities for cost savings. However, even the savviest business-person may not have the time or expertise to make improvements in order to hit peak performance. Let us proactively manage your commercial real estate portfolio so that you can focus on your core business. We will:

  • Gathering key documents – We will work with your team to collate critical documents, such as leases, the latest rent statements and survey plans.
  • Conduct a portfolio analysis – We will look at your entire property portfolio and benchmark the performance of each site against the market and your other locations.
  • Manage critical dates – We will keep track of key dates. This will ensure you do not miss an upcoming renewal option, notice period, lease expiry or project deadline.
  • Verify rent and outgoings – We will conduct regular site audits and market reviews. This will ensure that you are always paying fair rent that falls in line with the market.
  • Plan for the future – We will put together a strategy that factors in future investments, such as new sites, and future headcount, to ensure your company can meet short and long-term performance plans.
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Whatever your business objectives, Tenant CS will work with you to determine the best strategy and strengthen your commercial real estate portfolio. Contact a member of our team today!

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