Space Planning and Workspace Design

Space Planning and Workspace Design

A workplace is so much more than just bricks and mortar. It has the incredible ability to shape your brand identity, increase employee satisfaction, improve workflow and productivity, and attract the best talent. But how do you configure your workspace to complement your brand and business? And, with such diversity and so many configurations to choose from, how do you go about designing an environment to help everyone work collaboratively and productively together?

At Tenant CS, we understand the costs that come with poor workspace design and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We partner with companies big and small to provide planning and design solutions to make the most out of a commercial office, industrial, warehouse or retail space. Whether you are looking to refurbish something existing or fit-out something new, we will:

  • Determine the amount of space you require – We will conduct a space needs analysis to ensure your employees will be able to work comfortably and productively while taking into account your predictions for future business growth.
  • Survey your staff – We will survey key employees or departments to define your culture and values, budget, current and future head counts and more.
  • Recommend the best layout – After analysing your brand, culture, objectives and desired way of working, we will determine and recommend a suitable design for your business.
  • Suggest improvements – We will show you how you can enhance the look and feel of your space with the latest trends in lighting, colour, ventilation and more.
Make your workspace design stand out

Workspace planning and design are essential in today’s competitive corporate world. So, let Tenant CS help tailor your layout to suit the way you work. We will collaborate with top of the class workplace and fit-out specialists to get you the best results.

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Want to enhance your workspace and design? Put Tenant CS to work. We will help you plan your commercial office, industrial, warehouse or retail space design by determining space requirements, recommending the best layout and suggesting improvements.

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