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August 13, 2023
Spotlight On Canberra's Commercial Office Market
Let’s take a look at what’s happened in Canberra's office leasing market over the past year in terms of rent, vacancy, new supply and trends.
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July 27, 2023
Australian CBD Leasing Markets | Q2 Office Snapshot
Take a look at our latest office snapshot of the CBD office leasing markets across Australia including our rent, incentive and vacancy forecasts.
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July 12, 2023
The Ultimate Guide To Lease Incentives, For Commercial Tenants
Commercial lease incentives, like rent-free periods, rent abatements and fit-out contributions are key in the real estate negotiation journey
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July 4, 2023
Six ways to create leverage in lease negotiations
Commercial landlords generally have the upper hand in lease negotiations. Here are six ways to level the playing field and create leverage in your next negotiation.
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June 22, 2023
Tenant Reps And Leasing Agents - What's The Difference?
There are three types of professionals who can assist tenants in leasing commercial space. But what's the difference, and how can it impact a tenant's overall experience?
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June 7, 2023
Commercial Leasing Checklist
If you're ready to sign a commercial leasing agreement, ensure you've done your due diligence with our commercial leasing checklist!
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May 25, 2023
What Are Outgoings In A Commercial Lease?
Commercial lease outgoings can be passed on to tenants by landlords. Learn about the types of outgoings & why the base date is so important.
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May 18, 2023
Commercial Make Goods: How To Avoid Landlord Disputes
A make good provision requires a tenant to return a property to its original condition at the end of their lease. Here's how to avoid problems.
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April 19, 2023
Assignment, Subleasing, And Why It's Important To Negotiate The Right To Do Both
Learn the difference between these two leasing terms and why keeping things flexible is important.
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