• 180 sqm
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Tyre Manufacturer

The Brief

Michelin, one of the four largest tyre manufacturers in the world, wanted to relocate their South Brisbane office to an area that offered better brand visibility, was closer to their client base and the airport, and provided staff with access to transport and amenities.

Tenant CS was directed to act on behalf of Michelin’s CFO, who was in charge of the relocation project but based in Melbourne.

The Solution

  • Needs assessment and location survey for the new facility (partly done via staff survey to indicate preferred area and facilities)
  • Brisbane market analysis to identify an ideal location and site
  • Building inspections
  • Financial feasibility of shortlisted options
  • Negotiation of new lease terms

The Results

Tenant CS became Michelin’s eyes and ears on the ground in Brisbane and found a space on Brisbane’s city fringe that met all of the company’s requirements.

Acting as a single point of contact for Michelin’s Melbourne-based CFO, Tenant CS sourced a list of suitable properties, dealt with multiple agents from various agencies, pre-inspected properties and prepared business cases for Michelin’s French headquarters.

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