Weidmuller engaged Tenant CS to help them navigate an uncooperative landlord and some of the world's toughest industrial market conditions.

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No. of projects:
Multiple Projects
Single Project
4,000sqm +/-
Huntingwood, Sydney
Huntingwood, Sydney
Industrial connectivity
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Stay vs. Go
Project Types:
Stay vs. Go
About the company
Weidmuller has been operating within Australia since 1972 and has become a market leader in Industrial Connectivity of power, signal and data. Today, they offer over 30,000 products, including IECEx certified Control Stations, Relays, Power Supplies, Ethernet Switches, Heavy Duty Connectors and Signal Isolators.

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Secured an incentive in world's toughest industrial market
Arranged for lessor works to the bathrooms
Negotiated tenant-centric terms across the lease

The Brief

With 18 months left on their lease, an uncooperative landlord and facing some of the world's toughest industrial market conditions, Weidmuller turned to Tenant CS to: 

  • Conduct a thorough search for comparable industrial spaces that would suit their needs 
  • Handle the inspection and shortlisting process of potential sites 
  • Enter concurrent lease negotiations with the owners of shortlisted properties, as well as their current landlord
  • Deliver strategic advice around renewal v.s relocation
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to finalise the HoA, AFL, and lease documentation. 

The Results

Due to the highly competitive market, Tenant CS faced a significant challenge in finding a space that would surpass the purpose-built site that had served Weidmuller for over 30 years.

The Tenant CS team advised Weidmuller that it would be more beneficial and cost-effective to renew and, after several heated rounds of negotiations, achieved remarkable results, including:

  • Securing an incentive (in a market where most tenants meet landlord demands and accept no incentive)
  • Arranging for lessor works to the bathrooms
  • Ensuring tenant-centric terms across the lease

Tenant CS also provided ongoing assistance and project management from start to lease execution. And by acting on Weidmuller’s behalf, was able to handle the tough negotiations, allowing them to maintain a positive relationship with their landlord.


Project Team

Project Team

Project Team

'Fought in our corner and secured a fantastic outcome'

“Deeply thankful to the Tenant CS team for their expertise and commitment in helping us navigate the rapidly changing and tough industrial market. The team went above and beyond to protect our interests, fighting in our corner and securing a fantastic outcome that included a market incentive and lessor works. We are incredibly grateful to have had them by our side every step of the way and couldn't be happier with the result. Thank you!
Andrew Simic
Business Controller– Weidmuller

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