Three PropTech Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Commercial Real Estate | February 13, 2020

7 Reasons To Appoint A Tenant Rep

Commercial Real Estate | February 4, 2020

Get in touch with the team at Tenant CS. We'll evaluate your needs, canvass the market and provide you with full market insights!

Have a Commercial Lease Expiry? Here’s What To Do Next …

Commercial Real Estate | February 1, 2020

A commercial lease expiry is one of those things that can creep up on you and can be costly without the right preparation and advice. So if you have an upcoming lease expiry, follow these four tips to help you…

Queensland Land Tax Adjustments

Commercial Real Estate | January 21, 2020

In June 2019, the Queensland state government proposed an increased land tax. For which properties do those increases apply? And what effects could that have on tenants?

Singapore Market Spotlight

Commercial Real Estate | December 4, 2019

Q4 2019 is almost behind us. Here’s a snapshot of the most important commercial property trends in Singapore in the office, retail and industrial sectors.

The Sydney Light Rail: Three Impacts You Need to Know

Commercial Real Estate | November 27, 2019

All aboard- the Sydney Light Rail is coming soon! You may already have thought about what this will mean for your daily commute to work, but what about how the light rail will impact property?

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