Singapore Market Spotlight

Commercial Real Estate | December 4, 2019

Q4 2019 is almost behind us. Here’s a snapshot of the most important commercial property trends in Singapore in the office, retail and industrial sectors.

The Sydney Light Rail: Three Impacts You Need to Know

Commercial Real Estate | November 27, 2019

All aboard- the Sydney Light Rail is coming soon! You may already have thought about what this will mean for your daily commute to work, but what about how the light rail will impact property?

How Australia is Making Greener Cities: Part Two

Commercial Real Estate | November 15, 2019

Australia has a big sustainability problem. Let's see how Melbourne and Brisbane are taking part in Australia's green city movement.

Melbourne: Australia’s Best City for Business

Commercial Real Estate | November 13, 2019

The Melbourne vs Sydney rivalry is as old as time. We feel like we can finally put this fight to rest by declaring that Melbourne provides Australia’s best business environment. Read on to find out why!

How Australia is Making Greener Cities: Part One

Commercial Real Estate | November 6, 2019

Australia has one of the most carbon-intensive economies in the world. Let's have a look at how the country is fixing this by making a commitment to greener, sustainable cities like Sydney and Perth.

IFRS 16 Leases: What are the Changes and How are Businesses Responding

Commercial Real Estate | October 22, 2019

The new rules have turned balance sheets and internal processes on their heads and dramatically affect tenant liabilities. So, do you know what these changes mean for you? 

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