• 1,000sqm
  • Sydney
  • Loyalty Solutions


Aimia is a global leader in loyalty marketing, services, technology and data platforms. With 80+ years of loyalty and marketing experience, Aimia operates over 100 programs in more than 32 markets globally.


The key objective was to secure terms that would generate savings on Aimia’s overall real estate costs.

Aimia was looking at rationalising their workplace environment by making a more efficient use of it. The business had chosen to relinquish a portion of the office and consolidate the team in one area. Tenant CS was hence appointed to identify a replacement tenant on the market that would take over the space via a sublease or assignment of lease contract.

This involved:

  • Working hand in hand with Aimia to establish the project’s key objectives and milestones to be achieved.
  • Creating marketing materials to promote the space.
  • Market exploration and canvassing to identify a suitable replacement tenant.
  • Property inspections with prospective parties.
  • Negotiating sublease terms on behalf of Aimia.
  • Creating a business case for board’s approval.
  • Liaising with Charter Hall to obtain the deed of consent.


Within 6 months only, Tenant CS identified a suitable replacement tenant that took over Aimia’s space and started paying rent. The terms negotiated by Tenant CS allowed Aimia to generate savings which had a positive impact on the KPIs established by the company’s headquarter at project’s start. Tenant CS also assisted Aimia in selecting a design and construction partners to assist with the remodelling of the office.

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