Hunt & Hunt

  • 930 sqm
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Law Firm

The Brief

The law firm, Hunt & Hunt, occupied three levels of office space in a premium building within Sydney’s CBD. Due to some internal reorganisation, Hunt & Hunt had a lot of unutilised space for their total headcount. The excess space represented a significant cost to the business.

Locked into a long-term lease, Hunt & Hunt was seeking assistance to relinquish one of their floors. Tenant CS was appointed to help them sublease this extra space to a suitable company after a landlord’s agent was unable to do so after almost a year of trying.

The Solution

  • Audit of the existing premises (including lease review and site inspection)
  • Market analysis and recommendations to the client regarding target rental rates
  • Identified potential candidates for sublease by:
    • Contacting companies within the building and surrounding areas
    • Sending out a marketing brochure to alert agents and tenant representatives of the subleasing opportunity
    • Exploring the Tenant CS client database
  • Handled inspections of the site with suitable subtenants
  • Coordinated between the parties’ solicitors to draw up sublease agreements with two subtenants

The Results

Tenant CS recommended that Hunt & Hunt subdivide the space to accommodate two separate companies that were actively looking for space.

The identified subtenants complemented Hunt & Hunt’s business and had the financial grounds to sublease their unused space (930sqm) until lease expiry. This generated significant savings for Hunt & Hunt over the remaining four years of their lease term.

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